Critter's Art Gallery

Watercolors and Digital Art by Wanda C. Metcalf

About the Artist

Wanda began painting at the age of four and earned her BA in Art from the University of NH in 1974.

Many of her subjects are taken from the natural world or contrast man-made objects with natural ones. Landscapes, especially those involving water and reflections are a common theme. Rendering what she sees realistically, yet artistically in the hard-to-control medium of watercolor is an ongoing challenge.

For the last fifteen years Wanda has been using computers to create and manipulate images. These may start as photographs, watercolors or as strokes input to the computer. Bits of all of these are then manipulated, layered, filtered, cut and pasted together to create a mÚlange which could not happen in any other way!

Omnivore Technology (network, OS, audio, electronics, and music consulting has moved.